Vid: The Junk King’s Cathedral of Junk

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Does beautiful architecture have to be made out of fancy, smooth materials? Does it have to have a plan? Does it have to have been designed by an architect? One of our favorite places on earth is this place called The Cathedral of Junk in Austin, Texas. In the backyard of Vince Hannemann, a structure has slowly been pieced together for over twenty years. Made up of junk — a list of its materials would be impossible to compile. And though you might think a stroll through such a place would feel busy, cluttered or terrifying, we can promise from personal experience that it’s one of the most beautiful, peaceful places we’ve ever been too.

Evan Burns, director, editor and writer, posted a beautiful video and interview with Vince, also known as the “Junk King,” and it’s moving, poignant and well worth a look. See it on Vimeo.

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