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We came across a neat design/build practice out of Brooklyn making cool things and doing it with talent and humor. Rather than us blather on we thought we’d let them do the talking: “Tri-lox is a Brooklyn design + build practice that transforms reclaimed materials into handcrafted furniture, architectural elements, and fine art. Committed to local character, economy, and low energy consumption, Tri-lox approaches the history of materials and contemporary aesthetics with sustainable building practices and fine craftsmanship. Tri-lox aims to explore and reinterpret the dynamic relationship between the built environment and those who activate it through collections and custom projects, design consulting, art fabrication, and community programming.”

“Tri-lox was established by Alexander Bender, Tim Knight, and Ellis Isenberg who grew up together in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2009 they joined together once more in New York City and found an organic collaboration, each contributing a unique specialty and background. Mutually influenced by each other while steeped in the built environment and creative community that is NYC, they decided to form a workshop for experimentation. What resulted was the vision for a new generation of craftsmen that retains the tradition of quality handmade work while ethically working within emerging limitations due to a long history of imbalance with the earth. As both energy and natural resources are consumed at an unsustainable rate, our modern way of life promotes a disposable economy and objects destined for the landfill. Tri-lox was created to bring a shift in practice and promote a sustainable model to the diversity of projects it undertakes.”

“The constant renewal of urban life presents the opportunity to practice sustainable re-creation beginning with the selection and careful deconstruction of disregarded resources that surround us. Our process begins with reclamation, then moves to design including drawings and prototypes, finally we move into production at our Brooklyn workshop. Tri-lox projects are diverse, spanning a wide array of environments and styles while maintaining the integrity of our sustainable principles. Our work is always built and finished by hand with the utmost care for quality, longevity, and craftsmanship.”

Find out more about Tri-Lox on their website or on Facebook.

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