Suzanne Koett’s Vision/Version of East Austin

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East Austin was recently in the news for making it on the Forbes list of America’s Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods. Whether they are deserving or not is hardly the point. We just wanted an excuse to post a few photos from talented Austin photographer Suzanne Koett, who we have featured on the blog before.

She was commissioned by AirBnB to take some photos of East Austin, specifically around an area considered to be one of Austin’s most dangerous or at least unsavory: 12th and Chicon. Now, dear blog readers, your blog editor lives in East Austin, and drives by this area every day. I’ll make no mention of crime statistics but say only this: We approach it more with the wide-eyed curiosity and amusement like Suzanne portrays in these photographs than with any sort of fear or trepidation. See more photos on her website.

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