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See the Aura – Viktor Kölbig Has The Touch

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Okay with a name like Viktor Kölbig, one could easily surmise that he is german. This industrial lighting designer brilliantly combines technology with plant life in the form of a vase with flowers.  Forget the clicker, or the clapper, touch the plant and it turns on.  Oh does that mean it is a “turn on? ” I know a bit too 70’s and really corny.  Anyway, that is modern!  Bridging the gap and going beyond plastic plants to the real thing.  A module packed with sophisticated and yet invisible sensors that allows you to use any plant or flower as an interface to control LED lighting.

A brief touch of any part of the plant allows you to turn on the source, changing the colors of the illuminations. Built from of a milled aluminum case and a diffused water-proof scratch proof cover, a programmed micro controller is hidden in a separate small box to control the LED RGB light modules.  So taking bathtubs with chromotherapy up a notch.  I am all for it.  Whatever flips your switch.  Okay also 70’s.  Can you see its ‘aura‘ ?


Have an infinitely modern day!

3 Comments to "See the Aura – Viktor Kölbig Has The Touch"

  1. I am totally blown away by this. Not only does it look amazing but it’s so unique and dare I say futuristic. I want one!

  2. Hi , would you know where to buy this lamp ? thanks, Fab

    • I believe it’s a do-it-yourself project, so it’s not for sale, but rather something anyone can make (in theory) ;)

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