Rolling Pin Stamp = DIY Wrapping Paper

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Remember those rolling pin stamps with the geometric pattern we posted about awhile ago (Rolling Pin Geometric Stamps)? It was a clever idea…but strangely enough we couldn’t see past just the fun of it. We couldn’t quite see all the applications this type of DIY project could really apply to. Well we didn’t have to, because Sophie over at Ecosalon did for us! She came up with the genius idea on how to use this rolling pin stamp idea — make your own DIY wrapping paper!

Not only are the holidays fast approaching (like, seriously, did it turn into December while I was typing this sentence?) but you could make year-round themed wrapping paper that will make your gifts the envy of everyone (and maybe even distract if you don’t give great gifts). Find out all the details and materials needed in the post at Ecosalon. Totally spotted on Curbly.

Would you make your own DIY wrapping paper? Or is this a little too much work for stuff that will just get tossed?

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