Photos: Perspective as a Journey

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These pieces are windows to somewhere else! One is closer to an octopus than you’d ever care to be, another abruptly transplants you into the frosty chill of January. The use of perspective can literally transport your viewer. What a great contrast for a small room, a windowless passageway or somewhere in an office complex. These photographs from the Printed Art Collection use perspective dramatically and effectively. Perhaps one is the right photograph for you!

Half Spiral Staircase II by Robert Strovers

Manhattan Bridge by Alfonse Pagano

Walkway Bridge In January by Nanette Ferreri

Tentacle II by Carly Erin ONeil

Light & Shadow by Leuntje van Kampenhout van der Niet

On Approach To Dover by Howard Shoenberger

Winter Branches by Tina Uihlein

Diane Farris Printed Art Collection

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