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Modern and Woodsy: The Mill House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

The Mill House in Skåne, Sweden by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB is, quite frankly, simply stunning. A converted, old farm house, the vacation home’s style mixes a farm-like aesthetic with completely clean lines. It’s modern, but it’s earthy and homey. It’s modern, but it feels warm like a cabin.

The wood-wrapped walls, mixed with the beautiful views of the gorgeous but tight woods outside, all work together to create a tucked-away oasis that is completely tranquil and relaxing.

“Wingårdh converted a large old farm in the countryside in southern Sweden into a vacation house for a family from the nearby city of Malmö. He transformed the original farm buildings – cowshed, stables, hay loft and barn – into sleeping quarters, kitchen and a gym, among other rooms, and added a new freestanding wing to the late 19th -century house. This little annex is a refuge, a quiet place to escape to or a private domain for guests to inhabit. Throughout the project, the client demonstrated unwavering faith in the architect, giving him great latitude in designing the little fifty-square-meter cottage.”

Do you love this space? Modern enough? Too modern? Too small?

Images: Architizer

8 Comments to "Modern and Woodsy: The Mill House"

  1. I like how light floats in and wood looks stunning inside but I wouldn’t like to live in a glass box though.

  2. living in a glass box is really nice! i spend all my time there, just dont throw any stones and youll be fine.

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  4. Really like the contemporary, efficient use of space and the glass, wood, stone material combination. I would like to try living there – very minimalist!

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