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Modern and Cozy: Emma’s Home

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With Fall approaching us, cozy comfort always seems to be the season trend.  Our priorities are anything that keeps us feeling warm and comfortable as well as creating an inviting space.  Warm hues, soft textures, spicy scents, lighting the glows is just the beginning of a Fall appropriate space.

Emma from The Marion House Book has created just that in her home.  Her living space includes sheepskin rugs on her chairs to keep bums warm, extra wood on hand for those cold nights and warm patterns and textures in the midst of a white/serene space.  It’s cozy, it’s liveable but it hasn’t lost an ounce of style and taste.  Can I move in??

3 Comments to "Modern and Cozy: Emma’s Home"

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  2. Wow, all my favorite things! High ceilings, spider chandelier, wireframe chairs + sheepskin, vintage oil painting… ah, what a dream!

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