Kasper Pyndt’s The Universal Zine

Art & Design

Space, astronauts, the universe, NASA, graphics, books, kerning, typefaces, images  — all in one beautiful thing? Thank you Kasper Pyndt, of Kasper Pyndt Studio, for creating The Universal Zine, an amazing compendium of space-awesomeness that’s also laid out in a way that a modern design lover and typeface nerd would enjoy. Created originally as a school assignment, dontcha sort of wish this puppy was for sale and in your arms (we do)? About Kasper:

“Kasper Pyndt Studio is the online moniker and graphic design practice of Kasper Pyndt, a student at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Design in Copenhagen. Kasper works in a variety of fields and media, but uses most of his energy on typography, illustration and graphic design in general.” See more of this work here: The Universal Zine.

Do you want to eat this ‘zine up?

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