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Friendly Reminder for the Overwhelmed/Crafty

Categories: News + Events + Contests

Love pattern? Love punches of personality? But feeling overwhelmed by all the amazing wallpaper choices you can find at 2Modern by companies like Flavor Paper, Aimee Wilder, Graham & Brown, Ferm Living and more? You’ve got to order some samples before you talk yourself out of that home renovation project you and your home desperately deserve. They’re affordable, they’re fun and you know what else — they’re also an easy way to get a potent pinch of wallpaper pattern for that DIY or craft project you’ve been meaning to do. Don’t wait! Wallpaper samples from Flavor Paper, Aimee Wilder, Graham & Brown, Ferm Living, Tempaper.

5 Comments to "Friendly Reminder for the Overwhelmed/Crafty"

  1. Oh that’s a great tip !
    I love patterns too !

  2. Nice samples! My favourite is the third one: black characters on white wall.

  3. I love the alien wallpaper! :-)

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