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Great minds think alike or perhaps think in 3D printing, these days.  Similarities are drawn in a conversation on the computer from different artists on their computers but nonetheless a merging of architecture, art, design and fashion continues to cross boundries.   Here are a few stunning examples of just a few creatives clearly on the same wavelength.  Triangular shapes extrapolated framing mirror and negative space whether be it in steel, silver  or nylon.
Fathom and Form is the creation of Chris Baas and Carleigh Wamberg; two undergraduate design students work collaboratively on what is now a highly developed collection of stunning and sophisticated jewelry for both men and women. The results are remarkable. With solid mountainous formations, angular skeletal structures, and symmetrical pyramid-like shapes.

Guy Overfelt’s  outdoor sculptural installation for Outside Lands Music Festival, SF, CA // Aug 10-12, 2012.  The structures are made of two way plexiglass security mirror surfaces attached to a steel substructure. A reflection of us and what’s around us, these structures enable a play between.

From the creative mind of native Sao Paulo, Brazilian, Andreia Chaves is her critically acclaimed first series ‘The Invisible Shoe‘.  Made of leather, fusing 3D printing technology and laser cut mirrors.

The intention behind each of these creations might be different.  However, visual connections are drawn whether they knew it or not.

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