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Debbie Carlos’ Black & White Posters

Categories: Art + Graphics

Wishing one or many of Debbie Carlos’ black and white posters graced our walls. Simple compositions with black backgrounds, the subject matters vary from earth wonders like rocks gemstones and landscape to more domestic images of sculpture and still life.

In the artist’s own words: “I have always loved the Eames mantra of ‘Create the best for the most for the least.’ Good, beautiful things should be available to everyone. During my time in art school, I began to use the plotters in the architecture department to make quick, large, and affordable prints for class. I loved the rough and textural aesthetic of the black-and-white, half-tone images. Reappropriating for fine art a printing method usually reserved for architectural drawings allowed me to produce striking pieces that were casual, but also bold.” Buy a poster for your walls at Debbie’s online store.

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