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Dark & Dramatic at La Societe Bistro

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Been wanting to add some drama and darkness into your home but didn’t know how? It’s not crazy modern but the La Societe Bistro in Toronto, Canada has a certain je ne sais quoi, with lots of elements just begging to be borrowed (or outright stolen) for a kitchen, living room or heck even bedroom in a modern home. “A marriage of Canada’s most cosmopolitan city and Parisian bistro style and cuisine, La Société is a dining destination unlike any other in Toronto. Gloriously appointed with luxurious furnishings and a breathtaking stained-glass ceiling.”

Steal the dark color palette of this space. Or perhaps those great light fixtures. Or even the slightly Art Nouveau elements. If you dig the metalwork of this space, you should thank Bastille Metal Works, an architectural metal design company that specializes in custom metal furnishings for commercial and residential locations.  The process they use is  “slip-casting,” a technique that fuses metals. See Bastille Metal Works in a new book by publisher Gestalten, “Let’s Go Out!: Interiors and Architecture for Restaurants and Bars.”

What do you think of this space?

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