Cardboard, Pizza, Powdercoat: AboutFaceClock

Modern Decor

Is this our favorite clock of all time? Found on Kickstarter, the AboutFaceClock comes in 2 different shapes — rectangular and round — and in two materials — powder-coated steel and printed cardboard. Still not impressed? These clocks go ANYWHERE: on a wall, on a corner, on a desk, on the ceiling, on Mars. The metal clocks have a cool shape, a geometric feel and definite neat details like readjustable magnetic numbers (so you can totally keep putting this clock any where you want). But the cardboard ones…well let’s just say this one thing: PIZZA CLOCK. Or anything you want on a clock. Brilliantly tongue-in-cheek and customizable. A cool option for modern homes, we think. Find more information on their Kickstarter.


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