Bruce Munro: Light and Structure

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These incredible images show light installations by British artist Bruce Munro.

Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, has been viewed in a whole new light this summer thanks to Munro’s delicate light sculptures that have enveloped the horticultural crown of Pennsylvania with glowing orbs of glass.

Munro’s work straddles both interior and landscape design, bringing together the natural architecture of fields, woods and lakes with the drama of manmade structures. His interest in light stems from time spent studying Fine Art in his mid twenties, when he realised he could use it as an artistic medium, and since then his practices have developed into large scale instillations that not only use traditional forms of light, such as bulbs, LEDs and fibre optics, but also household objects such as compact discs and bottles of water.

The British-based artist shot to fame taking part in exhibitions at the Guggenheim in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, but Lights: Instillations by Bruce Munro marks his first solo show in the US. Previous instillations have involved repurposing over 600,000 unwanted CDs to form a ‘sea’ of reflective discs and patterns, and suspending 2,000 tear drop lights within a cathedral.

The exhibition at Longwood Gardens opened in June 2012 and spans 23 acres of land, as well as the historic conservatories and buildings within the grounds.

Suspended from the ceiling of Longwood Garden’s magnificent 100 year old orangery, ‘Snowballs’ features six large chandeliers, made up of clusters of glass spheres, that change colour in unison, highlighting the stunning flora and fauna below. As well as Snowballs there are whole meadows of light, floating ‘waterlillies’ and sunning towers of one litre recyclable water bottles filled with fibre optic threads that gently drift between a pool of colours in time with accompanying music.

Munro continues to push the boundaries of light and space within organic and industrial spaces, and those who have experienced his work are often overcome with how lighting can impact on their emotions. What building Munro will approach next is unknown, but it will no doubt be a visual and sensual feast for those lucky enough to experience it.

If you want to see his show in Pennsylvania, it runs until the end of the month and you can find out more information at the Longwood Gardens website.

What do you think about Bruce Munroe’s light and structure art pieces?

Images: Ron Cogswell via Flickr
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