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Daily Archives: September 26, 2012

Ostrich Pillow

Categories: Fashion + Trends
Ostrich Pillow

  You know the saying stick your head in the sand like an Ostrich. Well, designer Kawamura-Ganjavian adapts this concept into an Ostrich micro environment, or rather OSTRICH PILLOW,  in which to take a warm and comfortable power nap.  A picture here, is worth a thousand words.  Not a bad — Continue reading

City Modern: A Celebration of New York Design

Categories: Local + Travel, News + Events + Contests
City Modern: A Celebration of New York Design

What other city out there inspires such soul-tingling love for design than New York City? The brilliant ideas and designs that come out of the Big Apple should always be celebrated, but for all of next week this celebration of NYC design and designers will be focused and concentrated in — Continue reading

The Apartment

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics, Modern Decor + Objects
The Apartment

Upon seeing this image, I lost my breathe for a second.  The collaboration of the colors and textures is beautiful.  This room belongs to The Apartment.  What is The Apartment, you might ask??  “The Apartment is a new universe of design objects, furniture, antiques and art. Innovative modern design meets — Continue reading

Lindsey Lang’s Psychedelic Pillows

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Lindsey Lang's Psychedelic Pillows

Spotted these in someone’s post about designjunction, a design event in London held last week, and loved it. Modern and a little “out there” but still surprisingly contained and controled, Lindsey Lang’s got some seriously colorful and modern style. See more on her website. What do you think about these — Continue reading

Brown, Pink and White: Modern Kid’s Room

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Brown, Pink and White: Modern Kid's Room

Just love this modern kid’s space spotted on Weekday Carnival. It’s still youthful, refreshing and fun, but it’s also sophisticated and elegant. Definitely for a young girl who’s still a kid but trying to transition to an adult, and this room is a perfect balance between those two worlds. And — Continue reading