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Daily Archives: September 5, 2012

Idea Lab 2012: 7 Carpet Creatures for Charity

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests
Idea Lab 2012: 7 Carpet Creatures for Charity

Francois Chambard makes some pretty amazing furniture under his studio UM Project. But he also is a tinkerer. In fact at ICFF 2012 we got the chance to see his Craft System of little robot creatures he makes simply because he loves creativity and making things (here’s a video we — Continue reading

Drawing Connections in Three Designers

Categories: Fashion + Trends
Drawing Connections in Three Designers

Great minds think alike or perhaps think in 3D printing, these days.  Similarities are drawn in a conversation on the computer from different artists on their computers but nonetheless a merging of architecture, art, design and fashion continues to cross boundries.   Here are a few stunning examples of just a — Continue reading

Kasper Pyndt’s The Universal Zine

Categories: Art + Graphics
Kasper Pyndt's The Universal Zine

Space, astronauts, the universe, NASA, graphics, books, kerning, typefaces, images  — all in one beautiful thing? Thank you Kasper Pyndt, of Kasper Pyndt Studio, for creating The Universal Zine, an amazing compendium of space-awesomeness that’s also laid out in a way that a modern design lover and typeface nerd would — Continue reading

DIY Modern Bookshelf Dollhouse

Categories: DIY + How To
DIY Modern Bookshelf Dollhouse

File this under things we wish we had when we were little (and wouldn’t even mind having for ourselves today). Spotted on Honest to Nod, this brilliant DIY project combines a furniture piece you probably would already have in your home (or wouldn’t be difficult to acquire) with a little — Continue reading