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VIPP Predicts Fall’s Hottest Color!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

VIPP, those hip purveyors of kitchen tools, trash bins and bath accessories, have really hit the nail on the head with their brand new line featuring a waste basket, toilet brush, soap dispenser, trash bin and more. They’ve debuted these new products featuring a STUNNING new green color — almost like a milky emerald — not too jewel-toned, not too neon. Don’t you just think this’ll be the most perfect hot color of the upcoming fall months? A color to infuse into your spaces, no matter the existing color palette. You could use a little or a lot of this color, and it’d be dynamic. In fact, wouldn’t a little hint of this color work just perfectly with absolutely any (or all) of VIPP’s functional accessories? Find your perfect shape/helper/hue: VIPP on 2Modern.

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