Veronika Wildgruber’s Soft-edged Modernity

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Just love Veronika Wildgruber’s work. Born in Germany, she’s studied product design in Italy and collaborated at design studios in Paris. She’s definitely developed her own distinct design style when it comes to both products and interior design, and it’s clean, a little earthy, simple, unpretentious, and surprisingly soft.

We’ve gave this post the title we did because though some of her products feature hard materials like wood, her designs always lend a softness…whether in the slight curve of an edge, or a rounded corner, or even in the curvy shape of a piece itself. We would say it’s feminine, but none of her work is. It’s more gender neutral. It’s amazing how simple these pieces are but how really rich in uniqueness and detail. All quite lovely. More on Veronika Wildgruber’s website.

What do you think about her product design?

Images: Veronika Wildgruber’s website
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  1. Alex @ Revedecor

    Aug 3, 2012 at 6:51 am

    OAW. She has talent. She really has. I love the drawers from first picture!

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