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The Future of Ping Pong: Uberpong

Categories: Art + Graphics, Modern Decor + Objects

Finally! The long-awaited marriage of sport and art, displayed proudly on the most portable of functional canvases: Table Tennis paddles! Combining over twenty graphic designers and artists and those perfect little ping pong paddles, Uberpong is quite brazenly, but accurately, declaring that the future of table tennis begins now. Yes it’s another kickstarter we’re pointing you to, but it’s worth it to finally have the option of buying a paddle that might actually represent your personality. Don’t you think?

Brought into existence by the folks behind Austin-based Origin of Cool, you’ll love that the artists clamoring to be featured on these paddles are from all over the world, and from different styles and backgrounds. Uberpong.

What would your perfect ping pong paddle look like?

6 Comments to "The Future of Ping Pong: Uberpong"

  1. Thanks for the awesome article Adrienne! I like your style of writing. If you or any of the 2Modern readers would like to join the Uberpong community, please go to http://www.weheartpong.com. If you are an artist and want to have your design featured on a paddle, please email me: hi(at)originofcool(dot)com. Dave

  2. Thanks Adrienne! http://www.uberpong.com is now live and paddles will be on there soon :)

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