Sleek, DIY Way to Store Books & Magazines

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There are stacks and stacks and stacks of books and magazines around my house. As a design lover and design blogger, I’ve just got loads of the things coming in on a daily basis. And as a pack rat, I find it impossible to throw or give any of these away. Normally when I want to get behind any of the stacks or move them, it requires a lot of shoving, heaving and cursing on my part.

Not after I make this amazing DIY project for every room in my house. Spotted on Fargevandring, the premise is simple, paint a piece of sturdy wood a color of your choice, attach some weight-bearing casters and boom: a rolling platform to place your beloved design books on so that when you want to move them or even just get to them easier it’s just a sleek slide away. Eeep! See how it’s done on Fargevandring.

Do you have a ton of stacks of books in your home?

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