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Potent Pattern/Awesome Name: Wolfum

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

That pattern above might just be what my soul looks like. SHEESH. Wolfum — way to rock the home textile business. Los Angeles-based textile designer Annabel Ingann is inspired by many things. Things from the past, the present and the future. And so her home textile designs — napkins, hand-printed coasters, beautifully patterned pillows — really reflect more than just the initial modern look that excites you.

Truly standing out among the throngs of other designers creating similar products, we like Annabel’s story: “After 9 years of work as a designer in the accessory and apparel industry, Annabel decided to take the chance on something deeply personal and created Wolfum. Inspired by the traditional aspects of table linens (as well as influential product lines from Vera Neumann and Marimekko), Wolfum strives to be both bold and timeless.”

You feel how personal this line is. That’s got to feel good to bring something like that into your home. And the name! Wolfum, so fun.

Tell us what your favorite pattern of this company is. Choose it here: Wolfum.

2 Comments to "Potent Pattern/Awesome Name: Wolfum"

  1. LOVE her pebbles pattern!

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