Organic Modern: Lacey Richter’s Paintings

Art & Design

Wow what color! This Austin-based, Kerrville-born, talented Texas lady sure creates some wildly energetic, boldly-colored, organic abstract art. Citing nature as a big influence on her work, Lacey definitely showcases the mysterious but bright movements of nature in her large brush strokes and abstract forms. But you spot recognizable motifs, too, like spindly feathers and rounded circles, almost like a body’s cells.

“Much of my work gravitates towards organic form, pattern, color, and an essence of motion, derived from impulses from within and the desire to translate that internal energy into something activated, visual, and beautiful. My process as an artist, especially within my abstract paintings, stems from an intuitive place and is very much organic. I utilize paint, both oil and acrylic, charcoal, pastel, electric tape, metallic thread, occasional found objects, as well as fabric within my rhythmical, mixed-media pieces on canvas, wood, and paper.” More on Lacey’s online portfolio.

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