Oeuf’s Robin Crib Is on Sale!

Modern Decor

Do you need a crib? Like a really amazingly designed, healthy-for-baby, gorgeous modern crib? WE’VE GOT YOUR CRIB. Oeuf’s Robin Crib — a sleek, stunning example of the sort of design you want your sponge-of-a-baby to soaking up while it peacefully dreams at night, is only $499 right now! You can read all the juicy details about it, but know that it’s eco-friendly, assembles in way less time than something from IKEA and can totally be converted to a toddler bed with a conversion kit: Oeuf – Robin Crib.

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  1. Odiniai baldai

    Aug 27, 2012 at 1:32 am

    Some of oldschool :) I grew in such one :)

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