New York’s Hidden Skyline Spaces

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Kind of obsessed with “Up on the Roof: New York’s Hidden Skyline Spaces” book. When I first got the sample copy in the mail, I didn’t jump to open it. What could be that cool about people hanging out on roofs, I thought. How wrong, very wrong I was. Known for his amazing photographs taken from airplanes and helicopters, photographer Alex MacLean does not disappoint when it comes to documenting New York City’s spaces that exist only in the sky.

The book is divided into seven sections: Multi-use spaces, places of rest, collective use, iconic observation spaces, energy, green city spaces and oddities. And each section is more fascinating than the rest. It’s the most wonderful secret getting to observe folks using rooftops, and you catch in some photos people sunning, gathering with friends or just trying to grab a moment of relaxation in a busy city.

You really sort of feel like you’re spying on folks when you’re flipping through this book, but in a good way. But more than just enjoying seeing how folks have made the most of what they’ve got, it’s also amazing to see the potential these spaces have for transforming the city. One need only look at the farms that are taking up residence on NYC roofs to see what we mean. Get this book from Princeton Architectural Press.

Hey they totally sent us this book for free, by the way!
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