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Neon String Jar DIY

Categories: DIY + How To

It’s another DIY neon string project with jars. And what a lovely one! Spotted on the PapernStitch blog, these squatty, white jars are given quite the makeover with the addition of neon string wrapped in delectably striped ways. Affording a pretty large measure of customization, you could wrap each jar entirely, or use negative space to your advantage.

You could do a rainbow of neons on one jar or just one color. Or any combination you can think of it. For the tips and tricks on how to do this hassle-free, check out the ideas on the original PapernStitch blog post. And don’t forget to check out the first time we posted about wrapping things in neon string: Neon + natural accessories.

Are you gonna try out this DIY neon string and jar project? Did you do something with the first one we posted?

Images: PapernStitch blog

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