Modfire: The Best Outdoor Fireplace. Ever.

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2Modern is extraordinarily excited to present Modfire, the genius design by Phoenix-based custom metal artist Brandon Williams. Brandon, who one night was roasting marshmallows with his young son, was enjoying a night of crackling fire and sweet treats, but felt there was a certain level of aesthetic enjoyment missing from the experience, and the design for this great fireplace popped into his head. Joining forces with Marty Young, a business consultant,  together they’ve grown the business but more importantly, brought this amazing fireplace to the world!

Here are some details about the gorgeous Urbanfire Outdoor Fireplace:

  • Talk about vibrant! Urbanfire comes in avocado, azure, maraschino or tangerine. Each one includes several layers of high-temperature paint to protect the steel and provide a vibrant finish.
  • A 10′ length of flex-hose makes it easy to attach to your propane, natural gas, or ethanol tank (this model uses a standard 20lb propane tank like the one used for most residential gas grills).
  • Manufactured from 14 gauge rolled steel. They are hand-rolled into a sleek cone designed to both direct the heat and provide a beautiful modern centerpiece for your outdoor space.
  • Seams are welded and smoothed, the distinctive openings are hand-formed, and the finish is applied.
  • Covering the propane burner with either lava rock or fire glass is a great way to disperse the flame and add a customized touch (not included).
  • They measure 22″ in diameter at the base, 9″ at the top and stand 48″. Weighs as much as a small child: 65 lbs.
But their Urbanfire, which is the epitome of outdoor fireplace beauty, isn’t the only thing they offer! Another favorite is there Tablefire Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace. How sleek!

The only real questions will be how many you’re going to buy and what colors you’re going to choose. Modfire on 2Modern. 


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