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Mell Lawrence Architect’s Mod Cott

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Would you love to see a view like that as you turn the corner of your home, headed for your front door? We sure would. This is only a guest house and weekend retreat, but with sexy lines like this, our arms could be twisted to stay here year around. Designed by Mell Lawrence Architects, it’s overlooking Lake Buchanan, in Texas.

Tiny but formidable, the exterior might seem hard and unwieldly with sharp edges like the rocky cliff it seems to balance on, but it’s all comfort on the inside.

Warm-toned, large horizontal wood wraps the interior, that is at once open yet cozy. Different layering heights create architecture interest, and furnishings are soft and contemporary.

Don’t you just love the modern kitchen and bathrooms? Gorgeous. See more on the Mell Lawrence Architects website.

What do you think of this place?

Images: Mell Lawrence Architects website

5 Comments to "Mell Lawrence Architect’s Mod Cott"

  1. What a view! The only thing I didn’t like is the bathroom, but I guess I could live with that :P

  2. What a great House with views to the sea

  3. I just love it. Every little bit of it. The view is just perfect. I feel like the metal facade is the only thing that could mach such a view. And you go in this metal thing to meet wood inside. Perfect contrast!

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