Margo Sivin’s Dead Shopping Malls

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We’ve long had an obsession with abandoned buildings. Perhaps it’s that eerie, almost soul-like feeling the memories of a public place or home leave on a structure. Perhaps it’s how you can almost hear a space crying out to do something with them — that to lie dormant goes against a structure’s very intended nature. They also just scream out to be explored. To have their broken remnants picked up, tossed about and wondered over.

Margo Sivin’s Dead Shopping Malls aren’t quite that decrepit or falling down part, but they very nearly are. At the very least they are photographic evidence of a time gone by. Of consumerism’s fall. Of a nation that now values a little more handmade,  authentic, unique. Covering five malls total, all the locations were sprinkled around Texas, where she is based. More on Margo Sivin’s portfolio (she happens to be a kickass graphic designer, too).

What do you think about these near-abandoned, dead shopping mall photos? 


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