Large Geometric Sculptures: Casey Warr

Art & Design

Would you think you have stumbled on an ancient alien race…or perhaps a current alien race’s vehicles, if you were to come upon one of Casey Alan Warr’s faceted, metal, geometric sculptures in the wild? We’ll be honest, it might cross our minds. But once we were sure the earth wasn’t being invaded, we’d sit back and enjoy these beautiful pieces of art.

Reminding us a little of those old Yugoslavian Mid-Century sculptures that have been left abandoned, these are updated. They don’t remind you of a time in the past that looked to the future, they are the future. They are what our homes, our offices might look like. They are what our spaceships might emulate. They are, quite simply put, stunning. More on Casey Warr’s website.

Name two emotions these sculptures make you feel. 

Images: Casey Warr’s website
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