Is This the Watch of the Future?

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“Touch Time is a stylish and revolutionary spin on the typical digital watch, which has been virtually unchanged the past 20 years. It utilizes a touch interface with the same capacitive touch screen technology that can be found in Smartphones today. Touch Time is extremely easy to use, allowing you to change the time display or select apps with a swipe of a finger, rather than requiring a myriad of button pushes. Touch Time’s display is always on, and therefore eliminates the need to press a button to see what time it is.”

It’s like in the future we can all be tech-tricked out spies like James Bond. Is this the watch-world’s crafty way of stealing back customers who began to rely on their smart phones to tell the time exclusively? It’s hard to know if this will be the watch that makes me want to wear watches again, but it is neat looking, certainly. Learn more about Touch Time on their (already very successful) Kickstarter page.

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