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Geeking Out: Glitch Textiles

Categories: Art + Graphics, Fashion + Trends, Modern Decor + Objects

We’re totally geeking out this morning over the work of Phil Stearns, a Brooklyn-based electronic artist who’s fascinated with electronics and electronic media. You might know him from his “Year of the Glitch,” where he’s spent time documenting and turning into art these moments of digital failure. His most recent project has taken things to the next level, and we’re absolutely smitten.

Exploring the intersection of “the cold logic of digital systems” and the softness of home textiles, Phil takes the corrupted imagery of intentionally broken digital cameras and mechanically weaves or knits photoblankets. The results are wildly intense soft patterns that hurt the eye, but also have an eerie, cold familiarity. It’s almost like you could wrap yourself in your past’s worst digital failure, at once overcoming it. He’s rocking a Kickstarter these days, and we highly recommend you check him out: Glitch Textiles.

What do you think? Neat idea or eyesore?!

4 Comments to "Geeking Out: Glitch Textiles"

  1. keep posting…. thank you

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