Future Cars: Smart & Patterned?

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This is going to sound weird, but it never occurred to us before we saw these patterned smart cars how weird it is that there aren’t more patterned cars out there. We mean like cars with crazy graphics and designs. Sure there are a few creative folks who make their cars look pretty unique, but why aren’t their standard pattern/graphic options that people can choose from when picking out the color and look of their car? Getting stuck in rush hour traffic would certainly be much nicer to look at if everyone’s vehicle was rocking a unique look!

Well apparently Smart USA has given the option of patterning your Smart car for awhile now, something they call Smart Wraps: “Only smart offers a huge variety of customizable, head-to-toe wrap designs ranging from confetti swirls to geek chic and everything in between. And, our wraps don’t damage your smart’s original paint. So, it’s easy to change your mind. The best part? If you don’t see a design you like in our studio, we’ll customize one to your heart’s desire through our custom wrap program.” Pretty cool. There’s also a competition between some bloggers right now (one of them, Rebecca Orlov, is a friend if you’re feeling particularly compelled to vote for one!) which is kind of fun.

Would you want a car that had a crazy pattern? What would your pattern be? Is this “modern,” or is modern being more sleek and streamlined?

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