DIY: Pinhole Cards

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With the absolute flood of amazingly talented people making amazingly talented things out there, it can be overwhelming approaching even something as simple-sounding as making a birthday or thank you card for someone. And while there are plenty of beautiful ones out there to choose from, we’ve always felt it more personal to make our own. But we’ve often been paralyzed out of trying to decide just which direction to take our creative communication in.

Re-rememembernig the awesome art of pinhole cards is a fast, easy way to create cards that are modern, handmade, personal and quirky. Easy to do, they are something you can make for each instance, right there on the spot, and send that very day. You can customize it any way you want, too! We’re thanking The Proper Pinwheel for reminding us again about this fun craft, and for offering up some easy to read instructions.

Have you ever made a pinhole card for someone? Are you going to start today after seeing this post?

Image:  The Proper Pinwheel
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