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There are many reasons to like Enclosure Architects, who love collaborating with their clients to give their homes contemporary appeal, creating something new from the old.

A remodel at some points seems like a daunting task.   When Enclosure Architects sent out their latest newsletter,  recent renovation list I was taken with how even simple changes can transform.    This Manning Street Residence, extended the balcony and the entrance porch, the vertical wood facing ties it together for a modern appeal.

Amazing what a coat of paint, clearing and modifying the landscaping can do.


I love this one.  Essentially this is the same house.  Cleaned up with paint and even the concrete brick wall is resurrected and contributes rather than distracts.  The  additional focal element, the curved roof line,  over the front door is clever.  The bright rust door give pop in contrast to the subdued tones of the house.

Some changes are not necessarily expensive in creating a transition giving the home a contemporary lift and as well as a lift in property value and curb appeal.

And while we are at it we might as well take a look at the back.




Have an infinitely modern day!



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