5 Unusual Sheds and Shelters

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If you need a new shed or outdoor attraction for your garden this season, take inspiration from some of the greatest sheds and shelters that the web has to offer. From multiple stories to animal shapes, some people really know how to shelter in style…

The Teapot Dome
The Teapot Dome is an old service station which resides in Zillah, Washington. Originally, this building was built to symbolize the Teapot Dome Scandal in America. It’s still in use and relies on charitable donations for its up-keep. It still sells bits and bobs, offering novelty gifts and supplies to its thousands of visitors each year. What a shame not all service stations are this cool!

The Tower for Tatton Park
This shed is a work of art and a monument. The tower was created by English gardeners based on ideas found in books about Japanese Gardens. It’s meant to be based on the traditional pagodas in Japan and show the meeting of two cultures; English and Japanese. Set up in 2008, the tower still stands and acts as an inspiration to shed lover, although I think you’ll need some pretty cool DIY skills to recreate this at home!

The Flintstone House
This is actually a family home rather than a shed or shelter, but it is unusual and definitely not your typical US residence. Found in Hillsborough in California, the Flintstone House attracts much attention from travellers and tourists. It was originally built in white and as an experiment by architect William Nicholson back in the 1970s before being remodeled by organic architect Eugene Tsui in the mid naughties, which is when it also received a colourful new paint job.

The Sheds from the Moonshine Gap
Now these sheds are no ordinary ones. They don’t look like much from the outside but they are full of history, as they were used during World War II to support the agriculture needed to support troops and civilians. Personally I think they should have been featured in the Telegraph’s top shed article but instead you might have seen these on the pages of Vintage Tractor & Countryside Heritage magazine. The sheds have been left as marks of the agricultural farming that once took place there. I adore their rural and natural state and wonder about the life they had before nature took back over…

The Big Duck
The Big Duck still sits in Flanders, New York. A duck farmer called Martin Maurer created this 20ft structure in 1931 to sell his ducks and their eggs from. This ‘decorative shed’ is now protected by a national register of historical places and thousands of sightseers flock to it every year.

These are just five inspiring and original shelters from around the world – can you think of any other wacky shelters and sheds that have the potential to inspire?

Images: LiftarnDullhunkCepreuTrovoleIvoShandor P.S. This was a guest post!
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    Dec 5, 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Those are some of the most unique and interesting sheds I have ever seen. Definitely inspiring and original.

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