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Daily Archives: August 16, 2012

Shop- All That Is Solid

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Local + Travel, Modern Decor + Objects, Uncategorized
Shop- All That Is Solid

When seeing a beautiful store-front like this particular one, it always gives me the bug to open up my own shop.  Imagine how much inspiration you would receive walking into a place like this every day! ‘All that is solid’ is a new multi-purpose space, recently opened on Osborne Street — Continue reading

Margo Sivin’s Dead Shopping Malls

Categories: Art + Graphics
Margo Sivin's Dead Shopping Malls

We’ve long had an obsession with abandoned buildings. Perhaps it’s that eerie, almost soul-like feeling the memories of a public place or home leave on a structure. Perhaps it’s how you can almost hear a space crying out to do something with them — that to lie dormant goes against a — Continue reading

Modern Geo Embroidery Hoop Cork board

Categories: DIY + How To
Modern Geo Embroidery Hoop Cork board

Yes! Love this simple yet perky DIY project that won’t take a lot of money, materials or time to complete! Spotted on Paint Me Plaid, these cute little painted cork boards in embroidery hoops are functional, and would be an easy way to organize and cut down on clutter in — Continue reading