Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill

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Every now and again a book comes along that changes the way you look at things. Bryan Nash Gill’s Woodcut, published earlier this spring, takes us through a subtle journey of one of the most beautiful and beneficial partners this earth has ever seen: trees. An artist, he’s taken wood block prints of sections of different types of trees, and though these prints might not be of bold colors or startling graphics, they hold so many wonderful secrets. You will see trees in a different light when you see the prints they make, and you will wonder about the trees that are standing around you when you learn about the tree prints in this book.

Harvesting trees in his homestate of Connecticut that have naturally fallen, he also takes prints of cedar telephone poles and old fence posts — trees if but a little unrecognizable as such, and gives these no-longer-living things such incredible life through these prints. You’ll enjoy hearing about how he prepares the wood for print — a method of cutting, sanding, burning and sealing them — and you’ll love learning about these hunks of wood’s stories, like insect evidence, weather trauma, aging and more. Each one so unique, so fascinating, you won’t be able to pass by a tree again without wondering about its past. Available from the Princeton Architectural Press.

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Images: Adrienne Breaux, via a gratis copy of Woodcut sent to her from Princeton Architectural Press
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