The Practice of Everyday Design’s Eden House

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Love this rehabbed and refreshed home. When the clients approached the designers at The Practice of Everyday Design, they had owned the home for 30 years, but needed more room and a more usable space. Wanting to keep the place looking charming instead of creating a giant new addition, they worked at working with what they have and using the upstairs space better.

“We conceived the addition as a container for the start and end of the clients’ day. Rebuilding the entire second floor from scratch freed us from the constraints of the previous design and allowed us to make a strong distinction between the addition and the more traditional first floor. The new stairs, hidden behind two small doors in the dining room, allow the clients to keep this refuge completely separate from other aspects of daily living.”

New windows were an important part of the renovation, and really enhancing the views and amount of natural light. So was adding tons of storage to avoid clutter. Opening up the space by playing around with the pitch of the roof really creates an airy feeling inside. Located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the addition was a tiny but potent 550 square feet.

Completed in the summer of 2011, The Practice of Everyday Design team was made up of: Antoine Morris, David Long and Melanie Morris. More photos and info of the Eden House.

 Images: Chris Shepherd, provided by The Practice of Everyday Design.
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