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Edison: The Perfect, Portable Light!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests

Don’t let any of your summer gatherings where you entertain family and friends be left in the dark! New at 2Modern from Fatboy is the fabulous and enlightening Edison the Petit! Not only is this compact, stylish lamp aesthetically pleasing, but it’s battery-powered! Meaning…you can bring these sensational lights with you wherever the fun is. Whether that be on a gorgeous farm-style dining table in your backyard or on the beach.

Edison comes with 3 different shades of light and at the highest light power, he’ll glow for eight hours! Made of a robust material, don’t worry about knocking him over. Included with your purchase is both the battery and charger, and it only takes three hours for him to be fully charged! At 9.8 inches tall, you can see why he gets the “petit” part of his name…but he’s perfectly and powerfully sized to us. And at $79, he’s quite reasonably priced! Find Edison the Petit here!


2 Comments to "Edison: The Perfect, Portable Light!"

  1. That is an amazing compact light and I love how it is portable. It will make entertaining outdoors perfect!

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