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A mobile phone and a t-shirt. That is all you need to read The N-spired Story: the first ever book written by the world, printed on interactive t-shirts. Anyone can share a story, a news piece, a personal experience, a video or anything else worth telling. Each month, the users on the website vote for the most inspiring story and one of the world’s most creative up-and-coming artists turns it into an innovative design printed on a limited edition interactive t-shirt. Using image recognition and augmented reality technology and a mobile phone, the art on the t-shirt comes to life and explains the story behind the t-shirt via videos, photos, augmented reality, and much more.

The idea behind The N-spired Story is to create a platform where people’s stories are used as a source of inspiration to create art and revolutionize fashion, as well as to make the world a better place. That is why, each month with a % of the sales, an original and creative social act is performed.

Just recently, for Chapter 2: Faceless, The N-spired Story built a foldable house on wheels and donated it to a homeless person. The N-spired Story has just released their newest t-shirt, Chapter 8: X-tradorinary. Does the idea of people with extraordinary powers, something that has formed a part of our lives via movies and comics like Superman, X-men and most recently the Twilight Series, really exist? Chapter 8 highlights four examples of “normal” people with “extraordinary” powers. Other chapters in The N-spired Story include Chapter 1: Defying Nature, which tells the story of how a 61 year old potato farmer not only ran an 875 km Ultra Marathon, but how he won and broke all the records while ordinary people thinking outside the box have been responsible for some of the world’s most curious and creative structures in Chapter 7: Outside the Box.

The N-spired Story is the first of many projects by N-spired Apparel. N-spired Apparel is a Madrid based company made up of artists, writers and graphic designers that believes in giving you an alternative to the mainstream fashion world. N-spired Apparel strongly stands by and supports being socially responsible, which is why they continually create social acts that give back to the community and only use environmentally and ethically responsible clothing for their products. More.

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