Studio Swine’s Sea Chair

Modern Decor

Ever heard of those floating, roving, menacing islands of trash, junk and plastic that dot our beautiful seas? (The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, being one of them). It’s hard to know what to do with such a travesty against nature, but it seems one creative collective has thought of a way to potentially do something with all this plastic, or at the very at least make something out of the plastic that washes ashore.

From Studio Swine’s website: “The ‘Sea Chair’ is made entirely from plastic recovered from our oceans. Together, Studio Swine and Kieren Jones have created devices to collect and process marine debris into a series of stools. The United Nation estimates the world’s oceans to contain some 100 million tons of plastic. As our society’s consumption grows, the concentration of plastic increases. Harvesting this plastic we have made the first Sea Chair which has been launched at Milan Furniture Fair 2012.” Pretty darn neat. More on Studio Swine’s website.

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