Sexy Electric Bike: the Faraday Porteur

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I’m not a bike rider. I used to be, a pretty hardcore one, but then I confess I got a car and I enjoyed not being completely sweaty at my end location during hot Austin summers. But the folks at Faraday Bikes have come up with a solution. A very stylish solution, one which we just might support so we, too, can cruise to our summer plans looking awesome and refreshed.

“The Faraday Porteur is the ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle – the first electric bicycle built by, and for, cyclists. Dubbed “the ultimate modern utility bicycle” by the Oregon Manifest bicycle design competition, the Faraday Porteur is an elegant, powerful electric bicycle – a high-quality city bike that is comfortable and effortless to ride – with or without the electric motor.”

“Imagine…how many more people would ride their bikes instead of driving if they could pedal comfortably to the office in their work clothes, run errands in style, and blast up hills without breaking a sweat? Until now, no electric bike has come close to delivering the timeless style and delightful ride that makes each and every one of us love riding a bicycle. With the Faraday Porteur, everything has changed. We’ve put the “bike” back in “e-bike”.”

More photos and information on the Kickstarter campaign.

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  1. Bike Shop

    Aug 27, 2012 at 12:37 am

    Wow,it’s a really sexy electric bike. I will share this amazing post with my community.

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