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Ramona Flume’s View of Norway

Categories: Art + Graphics, Local + Travel

Self-professed writer and adventurer Ramona Flume is also quite the photographer, recently snapping some photographs of Norway so tantalizing that we’re looking up airline tickets right this moment. Capturing the fierce natural spirit of this beautiful country, she also does a stand-up job of snapping both traditional and modern architecture, giving a better, more full picture of the sort of design spirit of the country, as well. A big fan of her work — she’s got such an instinct for the heart of a story — you can see more of her photographs of this stunning land on her online portfolio (as well as catch many glimpses of the rest of her work). Sort of reminds us of the work of another photographer we profiled once, Jenny Harmsen, who captured Iceland quite similarly seductively.

What do you think about Ramona’s shots? Makes you want to go to Norway, doesn’t it?

Images: Ramona Flume

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