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Michael Merritt’s Out-of-this-World Pottery Pieces

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Michael Merritt, an Austin-based artist, has recently created a line of pottery pieces that are absolutely bowling us over. Similar to his older pieces, these new vessels feature soft, curvy, bulbous shapes that beckon, that make you want to wrap your hands around them or perhaps give them a hug. Looking absolutely fabulous with delightful plant life, we love them in an earthy, natural hue, but we also love them in bold colors, like a strong basic red and blue. Low and squatty or tall and elegant, don’t these sort of look like something you might see on another planet? Find some more images on Michael’s shopping site and portfolio tumblr.

What do you think about Michael Merritt’s pottery pieces? 

Images: Michael’s Flickr page

2 Comments to "Michael Merritt’s Out-of-this-World Pottery Pieces"

  1. I was so excited to see this article on my friend, Mike. Beautiful and awesome work.

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