Menno Aden’s Space Portraits

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What would the world look like if you were tasked to spy on it? Probably a bit like Menno Aden’s photography. Taking a light bulb-eyed view of interior rooms, he became known for his eerie shots of rooms that turn the space into a flat, 2D view. Almost unrecognizable, viewers of this art are able to pick up on subtleties in the space that just wouldn’t be noticeable at ground level.

Recently he’s taken this method of shooting spaces into a more abstract direction, shooting underground, basement level garages, which if you thought the rooms were unrecognizable before, these are even more so. But strangely, beautiful. By taking the ground of a space that we usually only see from a certain, normal angle and flipping it so that it becomes the subject of a piece of art, well, it just really changes your perspective. We like it. More on Menno Aden’s website.

What do you think about this light bulb’s view? 

Images: Menno Aden’s website
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