Kevin McNamee-Tweed: ROC-KS

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From the artist: “I grew up in North Carolina. I studied art at NYU and lived in New York for seven years. After NY I lived and quietly made visual art and wrote fiction in a handful of cities across the country before settling in Austin three years ago. I am moving to central Texas with my fiancé to work on a farm this month.”

It’s hard to really describe Kevin McNamee-Tweed’s current clever art show called “ROC-KS.” In a simple way, he has made funny drawings and sayings, with a simple marker, on rocks. But it’s a lot more than that. Using the shapes of found rocks, he reinterprets today’s pop culture and every day commonalities, but filtered through a sort of prehistoric, cave man-like way. Much more than just silly sketches, together he’s created an interesting slice of life, a sort of melding of time.

And I have it on a good authority many of these pieces are going for quite the steal. The show is located at Big Medium gallery in Austin and is going on through August 3rd. Gallery hours are Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 12 – 4pm & by appointment.

What do you think about these rockin’ rocks? (Sorry for that pun).

Images: via Big Medium gallery 
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