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“If the shoe fits, wear it.” Whether your prince shows up or not.  This may be the modern version of the glass slipper.  From the creative mind of native Sao Paulo, Brazilian, Andreia Chaves is her critically acclaimed first series ‘The Invisible Shoe‘.  Born from study of optical effect applied to shoe design, this glass slipper might blind you when you look into them.  Stay out of the sun or you might inadvertently be sending morse code messages.  However step onto the grass and it mirrors the surroundings and disappears.  Made of leather, fusing 3D printing techonology and laser cut mirrors.

The naked version, unlike the invisible cloak in Harry Potter, there is no cloaking these heels.  You can see these shoes coming a mile away and they cast an interesting shadow as bridges and connections are suspended into the air.  Handmade in Italy,  with leather and a 3D printed nylon structure.


I am not sure how comfortable the The Invisible Shoe actually is but most women do not worry about those minor details  anyway.
Kudos for thinking outside the shoe box every step of the way.


Have an infinitely modern day.


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