INSERT CHANGE HERE: Buy Art from Vending Machines to Help Kids Become Artists

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INSERT CHANGE HERE might just be our favorite idea for an art show that has ever existed. Starting with the knowledge that artists are made—usually by starting with a creative, inspiring arts education—a group of Portland artists, designers, writers and other creatives are banding together to help effect some change in a city that, while known for creativity, has a huge lack of arts education for the young ones (the website estimates 12,000 Portland kiddos don’t have access to arts education—and therefore don’t have access to the ability to learn, explore, experiment and grow creatively).

From July 16th to July 27th at the W+K Gallery in Portland, Oregon (opening night is July 16th from 5:30pm to 9:30pm) you’ll be able to peruse an invigorating and amusing selection of handmade art and goods all for sale in a fleet of charming, redesigned vintage vending machines. Yes, you will literally be inserting change to buy some great local art, and as the pun-y title might imply, you’ll also be helping to create important change in the lives of many potential Picassos out there. All profits from the show will go toward expanding arts education in Portland Public Schools.

Supported by Portland powerhouses like Will BryantAdam Garcia, Kate Bingaman Burt and full of a ton of really cool artists, you might want to consider grabbing a flight this month to Portland if you’re not lucky enough to live there already. More information about the event on the INSERT CHANGE HERE website, and killer photos of items to be vended on the blog.

Images: From the blog and lovingly emailed to us from Megs Senk.
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