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Industrial and Simplistic Home Inspiration

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects

This beautiful charming home, owned by photographer Jakob Nylund, has the perfect combination of industrial goodness and airiness.  He has created a simple space that still has lots of character and warmth.  The desk in the office area looks great paired with the accessories he has chosen.  And that light is fabulous!

Anyone would find this bedroom totally serene.

Jakob did an amazing job choosing the lighting for his home.  They feel like a collection without being matchy.

Check out Jakob’s blog for more information.  And see more of this space on 79 Ideas.


8 Comments to "Industrial and Simplistic Home Inspiration"

  1. It is an easy error to make, and I know that I am a stickler – but, ‘Simplistic’ is not the same as elegantly simple. It is always used to mean brainless, narrow minded, knee-jerk simplification. *sigh* Sorry.

    • Be a stickler, always! I’m keeping it up just because it’s already up but always feel free to check our grammar on here for us! I mean it!

      • I am so glad I did not make you angry. I LOVE your blog, so I care enough to say something….the curse of the retired English stickler.

      • We accept all comments! We would never be angry lol. Even if I don’t change something I always listen. One time I used this German word incorrectly because I liked the alliteration and even though I didn’t change it I appreciated everyone who kindly pointed out that it meant something entirely from what I was intending it to lol. Grammar and writing is a wonderful thing! I enjoy nerding out about it with anyone.

  2. Ah, my perfect love… Industrial / Vintage / Scandinavian! <3

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